Definition of life

The meaning of Life or better known as definition of life

Insignificant mortals, who are like leaves are,
and now prosper and grow warm with life,
and feed of what the ground provides,
but then again disappear and are lifeless.
Homer, Century IX b. C.

What’s the importance of life? Who are all of us? What is the definition of life?

Is human living mostly a fantasy, from which we all never really wake up, as some thinkers state? Are we sunke by our emotions, by our love stories and hates, by our concepts of good, beautiful, bad, awful? Are we not capable of knowing beyond these ideas and emotions?

LShakespeare and also Joseph Conrad talking about the definition of life state this:

We are these kinds of stuff
As dreams are designed, and our minor life
Is rounded with the sleep…
William Shakespeare, The Tempest (Folger Shakespeare Collection)

A man which is born falls right into a dream like men who fall in the sea.
Joseph Conrad, Lord Jim (Penguin Classics)

Our Nature. A general definition of life

Is the reality we all know a reality enforced to us by the nature? Is the reality as well as the definition of life a creation of men, such as songs, or love or even colors (scientific disciplines tell us that there aren’t things like music, harmony or colors inside the physical world. Just traveling elements: «There is certainly not, external to all of us, hot or frosty, but only various velocities of elements; there aren’t melodies, harmonies, callings, but just variations within the pressure of air; there aren’t colors, or light, just electro-magnetic waves», said H. Von Foerster. ).

Are we, and all existing beings – «survival devices, blindly programmed to be able to preserve the selfish molecules referred to as genes», as Richard Dawkins stated? Are we not capable of knowing beyond the actual frames imposed to us naturally?

We and this Universe. Definition of life within the Universe

Is there any significance for lifetime in a Universe of vast amounts of stars that neglect us? Is there any significance for lifetime in a World whose dimensions as well as nature overcome our own understanding?

The definition of life stated Pascal, in the 17th century, is this:

«When I think about the short duration of my entire life, swallowed up within the eternity that sits before and following it, when I think about the little space We fill and We see, engulfed in this infinite immensity of spaces of which I am ignoring, and which understand me not, I rest terrified, and astonished, for there isn’t any reason why I would be here instead of there. Why now instead of then? Who has placed me here? By whose desire and direction have this place and time happen to be ascribed to myself? »
Pensees (Penguin Classics)

This site is all about these themes, and the ideas they create.

Love and rudeness on our day-to-day lives. A definition of life in love

Love gives meaning to your lives – like do friendship, or art or even faith in Your God. These are aspects of true contentment, of inner serenity, of feelings of harmony, allowing meaning to our life and we can call it The Definition Of Life.

But there will be the other side. There is the actual cruelty of existence, the pain, the evil, not to speak of death. They are the particular hidden tigers, ambushed and prepared to attack the hasty, to use a perception present in the Buddhist Scriptures.

Is between these kinds of pendulums – the positive, the one that offers happiness and significance, and the negative – that lives are lived. And when many of us meditate about all of that, we arrive at a diverse and disagreeing group of thoughts about the definition of of life, or meaning of life, if you will.

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